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The introduction of the free market principles in Bulgaria, led to a significant and radical modification of our economy.

In Bulgaria, commenced the reconstruction of the state character of the economy and the principles of the market were introduced. The state-owned organizations in various fields of industry were replaced by private independent companies, which have been created, organized and managed by enterprising and energetic specialists who withdrew themselves from the ex-state enterprises.

Velmar Control Ltd. has been created in this way too, by withdrawing from the ex-state control organization Bulgarkontrola, which was the only company in Bulgaria to perform quantity and quality control of goods or cargo surveys, damage ascertainments with a mandate of a unique damage agent, marine survey and P & I representation.

Velmar Control Ltd. developed its activities on highly professional basis and shortly established itself as one of Bulgarian leading survey organizations. Specialists from other organizations have been involved in the development of the company, who had already proved to accept without reserve the principles of free market economy - a base for real and prospective development.

In May 2004 Velmar Control Ltd. has changed its company name in compliance with decision of Varna Regional Court. The alternation came as a result of a certain internal reorganization with no further changes.
Vilmar Control Ltd. is in all respects legal successor of the former Velmar Control Ltd. 

Experienced personal with new modern ideas in combination with vigorous actions in compliance with the radical changes of the market, created the company Vilmar Control Ltd., with the same scope of activity and the same directions of development. 

With its well organised and wide network of associates and correspondents, throughout the country and abroad, the company is able to maintain strong connections with manufacturers, traders, insurance companies, ship owners, ship brokers and agents to keep up to date with the latest trends and development in industry and shipping matters. Our presence well established in the Black Sea area and countries of the CIS.



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