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The essential ambition of the Management of Vilmar Control Ltd. is to offer high quality services based on the professionalism and the ethics of its employees, thus meeting its clients' demands and expectations still more - a pre-condition not less significant than the implementation of the regulations itself.

In order to achieve this goal, a quality management system based on the international standard BDS EN ISO 9001:2000 has been incorporated with Vilmar Control Ltd. The company has clearly defined its policy devoted to quality based on the incorporated quality system.

The quality policy is the main act within the organization, where the senior management defines the strategic goals for the continuing development and improvement of the company management as way as the manner in which Vilmar Control Ltd. meets and satisfies the expected needs of its clients. 

The main principles serving as foundation of the company policy are those of equity, independence and incorruptibility.

The economic significance of the activity carried out by Vilmar Control Ltd. and the purpose of the issued goods survey certificates require that particular accuracy and responsibility are attached in connection with their preparation. As independent survey organization Vilmar Control Ltd. commits itself with the protection of its clients’ interests, being aware of the fact that the successful implementation of the contracted transactions depends completely on the good operation of the company.

In most of the cases goods surveys are assigned in respect with the implementation of certain sale-trade contracts (mainly international ones). In this reference, the certificates, issued by Vilmar Control Ltd. have legal force before Bulgarian and foreign courts and arbitration tribunals, underwriters and other economic organizations. In some foreign trade contracts the certificates are envisaged as contractual or credential precondition. 

Therefore the services, accomplished by Vilmar Control Ltd. are reliable and professionally performed, aiming at giving its clients the opportunity to operate in more expedient, safe and effective manner in all business fields.

The team of Vilmar Control Ltd believe that only through professional excellence and uncompromising implementation of its clients’ requirements, the company would be able to fulfill completely its contractual and moral obligations.


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